In 2021, a new Burning Man was born. Free, diverse, inclusive and ecologically sustainable, the People’s Burn “redefined fire.”

A free, renegade “People’s Burn” over Labor Day 2021 brought something back that had been missing from the official Burning Man event for a long time.

It had heart.

The magic moment for me was when my friend and I were shivering and cold at night. …

I broke down in the American West and discovered a time warp where cowboys rope horses and strangers are welcome.

The oil can light started flashing in my Jeep. It broke down next to a cattle ranch, somewhere between Highway 5 and 101 on the 41. …

Don’t you get it? The world is changing. Social media IS the media now. Everyone deserted the old media and they’re here now. Why aren’t you?

1. You’re too busy.

I don’t think social media is optional anymore.

A professional presence in social media is now a marketing necessity, like a business card or a website. You can’t afford not to have a social media presence.

You’ll look like a Luddite, like you’re out of step…

An ethos of “greed is good” isn’t just making housing prices skyrocket — it ripped out the heart and soul of our community.

And it’s probably never moving back.

Last month, a very close friend of mine lost her rental about 30 minutes north of San Francisco.

Then she killed…

Giselle "Gigi" Bisson

Storyteller for social change. Technology marketing consultant. Author of the upcoming book: “Burning Management.”

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